Autumn Activity Binder - Toddlers
Autumn Activity Binder - Toddlers
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Autumn Activity Binder - Toddlers

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This is an AUTUMN THEMED ACTIVITY BINDER made for TODDLERS. It contains hands-on learning activities in puzzle pieces and was designed to be used for ring binders.

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⭐ To assemble (for best use) laminate the pages, bind the activity pages and use Velcro dots.


  • Autumn Vocabularies
  • Autumn/Woodland Animals
  • Color Recognition
  • Shapes Recognition
  • Visual Discrimination
  • Comparing Sizes
  • Counting Activities
  • Learning Letters (uppercase - lowercase)
  • Beginning Letter Sound (for older toddlers)
  • BONUS Tracing Lines


  • Matching autumn objects to objects
  • Matching autumn shadows to objects
  • Animal Puzzles
  • Building an Apple Village (object matching)
  • Matching Apple - Tree Colors
  • Sorting Colored Apples
  • Color Recognition through Autumn Objects: red, blue, yellow, orange, purple, green, brown, pink and black
  • Matching apple faces
  • Identifying apple emotions/faces
  • Matching shapes
  • Shapes Recognition through Autumn Objects: square, circle, triangle, star, heart, rectangle and oval
  • Sorting apple shapes by matching with shaped trees
  • Identifying small and big sizes
  • Sorting small, medium and large sizes
  • 1:1 Counting (apple dots)
  • Number Recognition (Apples) - placing the right number of apples in the tree
  • Counting Apples and matching with right number count
  • BONUS: tracing/forming lines
  • BONUS: tracing/forming shapes

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