Brown Bear Preschool Unit
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Brown Bear Preschool Unit

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Here's a preschool unit for lovers of Eric Carle's Brown Bear Brown Bear! Tons of extension learning materials are included in this unit to go along with the famous and well loved book!  

Activities included:

  1. Montessori 3 Part Cards
  2. Posters 
  3. 1-10 Peg Counting Strips
  4. 1-20 Counting Clipcards
  5. Animals Beginning Letters A to Z
  6. Brown Bear 3 Piees Puzzles
  7. Color Dabbing activity
  8. Guided Tracing Strips
  9. Letter Tracing
  10. Number Tracing
  11. Brown Bear Prepositions
  12. Shadow Match Clipcards
  13. Story Sticks 
  14. Brown Bear Shape Match
  15. Word Cards
  16. Cutting Strips


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