Kindergarten Math:  Geometry and Shapes (Centers)
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Kindergarten Math: Geometry and Shapes (Centers)

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This learning math is designed to make learning shapes FUN, hands-on and engaging for Kindergarten students!  It contains more than 10 printable activities with a variety of centers to help kids/students apply their skills and knowledge on shapes.  Much more, the activities included here promotes hands-on learning to help make each concept more concrete. 

There  are 15 PRINTABLE files included in this KINDERGARTEN MATH SHAPES learning pack: 

  • 2D Posters/Cards
  • 3D Posters/Cards
  • Counting Sides and Corners Clipcards
  • Build 2 D Shapes with Playdough
  • Roll ( and Cover Real Life Objects (
  • Sorting 2 D and 3 D Shapes
  • Spin and Cover 2 D Shapes
  • 2 D Real Life Shapes Sorting
  • STEM Build 2 D Shapes with Sticks/Dough
  • Shapes and Position (
  • FEED ME True or False (Shape Facts/Concepts)
  • Build Bigger or New Shapes with Pattern Blocks
  • 3 D Shapes Bingo GAME
  • Sorting Regular vs Irregular Shapes
  • Patterning with Pattern Blocks

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