Montessori Plant Kingdom
Montessori Plant Kingdom
Montessori Plant Kingdom
Montessori Plant Kingdom
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Montessori Plant Kingdom

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This Montessori inspired printable material is a great way for introducing and gaining first knowledge of the plant kingdom. Provided are beautiful realistic pictures of each plant and simple charts for the child to explore.


The file include:

➥ The Plant Kingdom MASTER Chart

➥ Chart with pictures only (no labels).

➥ Chart with labels only.

➥ Chart with no pictures and labels.

➥ 16 control cards

➥ 16 picture cards

➥ 16 label cards

➥ Matching reference cards for each plant classification


Non-Vascular: Liverworts, Hornworts, Mosses


Vascular_Spore Producing Plants: Club Mosses, Ferns, Horsetails


Vascular_Seed Producing Plants_Non-Flowering Plants: Conifers, Cycads, Ginkgoes


Vascular_Seed Producing Plants_Flowering Plants: Monocotyledons, Dicotyledons


To see how we use this material, please check our blog post:

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