Weather Themed Preschool Mini Unit Activities
Weather Themed Preschool Mini Unit Activities
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Weather Themed Preschool Mini Unit Activities

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Weather-themed learning printable pack is filled with rich and engaging math and literacy activities for preschoolers, pre-k and kindergartens. This learning material will introduce vocabulary words, practice phonics, counting activities, and fine motor skills to the children.


Activities in this set include:

  1. Weather Presentation Cards
  2. Dress for Season practical life activity
  3. Number Count Match
  4. Picture Dough Mats
  5. Temperature/Thermometer Reading
  6. Cloud Shapes
  7. Weather Face Match (Puzzle)
  8. Patterning Activity
  9. Clouds Letter Formation
  10. Seasons Weather Clipcards
  11. Twenty Frames
  12. Uppercase and Lowercase Match
  13. Weather 3 Part Cards in print and cursive (---ADDED 2021---)
  14. Weather beginning letter sound clipcards
  15. A to Z Beginning Letter Match Weather Themed
  16. CVC Rainbow Match
  17. Rainbow Color Match Dots
  18. Rainbow Tracing Lines
  19. Weather Clothing/Gears Sorting
  20. Weather Geoboard
  21. Weather Number Puzzle
  22. Weather Number Representations



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