Christmas Themed CVC Word Building Pack
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Christmas Themed CVC Word Building Pack

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This HANDS-ON CVC WORD BUILDING Activity Pack is one of the favourite activities from our MEGA UNITS. It is a hands-on activity for learning, reading, and forming CVC words and promotes imaginary play.

There are 60 CVC words included in this pack. The words are:
'a' - pad, cab, wax, rag, dam, van, dad, bag, hat, sag, map, ram
'e' - leg, hen, men, vet, den, peg, yen, hem, keg, men, jet, beg
'i' - bib, hid, kid, bin, pig, dig, sip, lit, lip, win, tin, mix
'o' - pot, top, mop, dot, log, sob, cot, hog, cod, bog, box, pod
'u' - bus, jug, mud, sun, hut, mum, cup, bum, nut, nun, fun, cub

✔️60 CVC WORD CARDS based on the theme
✔️ 60 PICTURE CARDS based on the theme
✔️lowercase letter cards based on the piece (a-z)
✔️ CVC Word Mats with the Same Middle Sound
✔️CVC Word Mats with Mix Middle Sound
✔️ CVC Word List based on the theme
✔️ 5 Activities for extension work

5 Activities that are included:
⭐️ Recording Sheets. To account for the words that you have worked on
⭐️ Read.Build.Write. To practice reading the picture cards or word cards, build the words using letter cards or magnetic letters and practice writing the words.
⭐️ Spin and Write. To be able to identify CVC words with specific middle sounds.
⭐️Roll and Color. To practice identifying and reading the color-coded CVC words.
⭐️ Copywork/Dictation/Spelling. Consist of a wordlist for copy work, dictation, or spelling activity

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