Circulatory System Reading Booklet
Circulatory System Reading Booklet
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Circulatory System Reading Booklet

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This printable reading booklet is a child-friendly reading material for learning all about the Circulatory System. It describes the different organs comprising the Circulatory system, how it works, the functions of each organ, describes the blood vessels, differentiates the artery from the vein and capillaries, what is a heartbeat cycle, how blood circulation works, how the blood clots to protect our body, and some heart disorders.

TO ASSEMBLE: This file is in BOOKLET FORMAT. It is meant to be printed in both sides of the paper (double sided printing). Then cut/fold in the middle and bind.

Contents of the booklet:

  1. What is a circulatory system
  2. The Blood
  3. Blood Composition
  4. Life of Blood Cells
  5. Blood Vessels
  6. Artery, Vein and Capillaries
  7. How the blood flows
  8. Pulmonary Circulation
  9. Systemic Circulation
  10. The Heart
  11. Inside the Heart
  12. Basic Parts of the Heart and functions
  13. How the heart works
  14. Heartbeat Cycle
  15. Blood Types
  16. Heart Disorders
  17. Blood Clotting

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