Construction and Tools Preschool Mini Unit
Construction and Tools Preschool Mini Unit
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Construction and Tools Preschool Mini Unit

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This educational resource is designed to teach young learners about construction trucks and building tools while simultaneously enhancing their math and literacy skills. With a construction-themed set, this program is ideal for preschoolers and kindergarteners who have a passion for all things related to builders and construction trucks.

Unlock the child's potential to learn and grow with our collection of over 20 interactive and exciting activities


  1. Charts and Posters of construction trucks
  2. Charts and Posters of DIY tools
  3. 3 part cards construction trucks
  4. 3 part cards tools
  5. Dabbing activity (trucks)
  6. Color matching activity
  7. Beginning Sound Clipcards
  8. Letter Formation
  9. Building 2D Shapes
  10. Construction preposition
  11. Counting clipcards 1-20
  12. Cutting/scissor skills set
  13. Ten Frames
  14. Tools Color Sorting
  15. Pipe shapes sorting
  16. CVC Work
  17. Safecones Color Pompom activity
  18. Geoboard templates for tools
  19. Measuring Tools
  20. Trucks picture dough mats
  21. Letter Tracing
  22. Trucks 2pieces puzzles

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