Kindergarten Math Centers - OCTOBER
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Kindergarten Math Centers - OCTOBER

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This OCTOBER AUTUMN/FALL - HALLOWEEN KINDER MATH CENTERS learning pack compilation of 15 hands-on math activities for kindergartens. The scope for this packet are:

  • Numbers from 1-10
  • Numbers from 11-20
  • Numbers from 1-100
  • Place Value (11-20)
  • Addition 1-10
  • Subtraction 1-10
  • Comparing Numbers (less than, greater than or equal)
  • Reading Data/Graphing
  • Reading the Time/Learning about Clocks

 The themes included in this pack are: anything autumn/fall, pumpkins, autumn leaves and Halloween


  • 1-10 Build the Number
  • 1-10 Counting Words Clipcards
  • 11-20 Number Representation
  • 11-20 Count and Cover
  • 1-100 Flip and Cover
  • 1-100 Missing Numbers
  • 1-10 Addition Ten Frames
  • Addition Equation Sorting Activity (up to 10)
  • 5 and 10 Subtraction Number Bonds
  • Subtraction Equation Sorting Activity
  • 11-20 Place Value Build the Number
  • 11-20 Place Value Match
  • Comparing Numbers Clipcards (less than, equal, greater than)
  • Measuring Activity
  • Reading Time (hour and halftime)


Highly recommended to use math manipulatives of any kind or those you can purchase in the market. This material is designed in A4 paper size, so set your printer to "FIT TO PRINTER SIZE" or "SHRINK OVERSIZED PAGES" if you are using a different paper source.


Please check the PREVIEW of this material before purchasing.

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