Letter F Curriculum - Letter of the Week
Letter F Curriculum - Letter of the Week
Letter F Curriculum - Letter of the Week
Letter F Curriculum - Letter of the Week
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Letter F Curriculum - Letter of the Week

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Get ready to experience the most comprehensive and all-in-one learning resource for teaching the letter "F"! This pack is packed with over 40 hands-on activities that are designed to help toddlers (2 years old), preschoolers, and totschoolers learn effectively and efficiently. It features both Montessori-inspired and traditional learning materials and covers a wide range of topics such as literacy, math, fine motor skills, shape recognition, color recognition, and beginning reading. Your child will have access to a diverse and engaging learning experience that will help them develop important skills and knowledge. Don't settle for less - give your child the best learning resource available!

✳️ SAVE BIG WHEN YOU PURCHASE THE ULTIMATE BUNDLE, and you'll get all 26 letters of the week resources PLUS lots of extension activities FOR FREE!

✳️ TODDLER SCHOOL BUNDLE is available here if you are interested in the JUST THE TODDLER PACK (2 - 3 years old).


  • 2 types of posters for display (clipart)
  • 2 types of posters for display (real images)
  • Letter sound cards (available in clipart and real images)
  • missing letter cards (available in clipart and real images)
  • Montessori 3-part cards (available in clipart and real images)
  • 4 full-page real images of objects beginning with the letter F. It can be printed as poster-sized or scaled to card size.
LETTER IDENTIFICATION. For learning lowercase and uppercase letters
  • Spin and cover activity
  • Find uppercase and lowercase letters (different font styles)
  • Sorting uppercase and lowercase
  • Cut and sort uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Mystery Picture (Color by Code activity)
  • Mystery Letter (Color by Code activity)
  • Playdough Mats
  • Stick Mats
  • Dot Marker Mats/Glass Gem Mats
  • Mini Erasers Mat
  • Qtip Painting Letters
  • Connect the Dots
  • Pattern Blocks Activity
  • Letter Puzzles
  • Letter Maze
  • Building Blocks Activity
  • Geoboard Template
  • Snap cubes Activity
  • Tracing Letters Activity Sheets
  • Cut and Paste (Sorting beginning letter objects available in clipart and real images)
  • Look and Find (Cover pictures beginning with the letter F)
  • Flipbook for reading (clipart and real images)
  • BINGO Game
  • Tracing Lines (clipart and real images) - trace the line while saying the sound of the letter aloud as you pass through and name the picture at the end.
  • Cutting Lines/Strips
  • CottonSwab painting
  • Picture Dough Mats
  • Picture Coloring Pages
  • 2 color activities
  • 2 shapes activities
  • Ordering size/sorting size
  • Patterning
  • Number Dough Mats
  • 1:1 Correspondence Number Cards
  • Apple counting activity
  • Ten Frames Counting
  • Sandpaper Letter Cards (for writing/tracing)
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