Montessori Insect 3 Part Cards [EDITABLE]
Montessori Insect 3 Part Cards [EDITABLE]
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Montessori Insect 3 Part Cards [EDITABLE]

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This file contains matching cards in Montessori 3 part cards format for the Insects Safari Toob set. The learning material contains high-quality images that are perfect for kids.

Real high-quality images are provided in a white isolated background. This document is in A4 paper size, so adjust your printer settings when printing this learning material.


  • Montessori 3-part card sets with and without colored border
  • Fact Cards for each animal with and without colored border
  • Insect (garden) Play Mat
  • EDITABLE files are now available


  • The editable files are in PowerPoint format, and I'm using my default font. Please change the font to your desired font/s and size/s.
 INCLUDES 14 images:
  • house fly
  • blue butterfly
  • cockroach
  • praying mantis
  • caterpillar
  • ant
  • spider
  • scorpion
  • honeybee
  • dragonfly
  • grasshopper
  • ladybug
  • centipede
  • red butterfly

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