Number Bonds - Pumpkin Theme
Number Bonds - Pumpkin Theme
Number Bonds - Pumpkin Theme
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Number Bonds - Pumpkin Theme

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This "pumpkin-themed" learning set is perfect for learning about number bonds!  The learning material will aid kids and students in understanding the concept of parts of a whole, basic addition, subtraction, and number recognition.

The file includes the following:

  • pumpkin number bond mat 
  • 55 pumpkin number bond cards (see printing instructions on how to prepare this material). Serves as task cards and guides in decomposing numbers
  • 55 pumpkin number bond cards with one part missing (find the missing part/addend)
  • recording sheets/worksheets
  • instructions on how to use and prepare the materials

This learning material works perfectly with manipulatives like mini erasers, watermelon seeds, glass nuggets, snapcubes and counters.  

IMPORTANT!! Please check the thumbnails of this material before purchasing so you will have an idea of what you are about to purchase.

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