Ocean Preschool Math and Literacy Pack
Ocean Preschool Math and Literacy Pack
Ocean Preschool Math and Literacy Pack
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Ocean Preschool Math and Literacy Pack

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This OCEAN PRESCHOOL LEARNING PACK/MATH & LITERACY CENTERS is a collection of 30 fun and engaging activities designed for preschoolers, pre-kindergartens, kindergartens or for ages 3-5 years old.
Activities included:
  1. Ocean Animals Dot Activity
  2. Color Matching Activity
  3. A-Z Letter Tracing cards (uppercase and lowercase)
  4. 1-20 Number Tracing cards
  5. Beginning Letter Sound Match (Ocean Themed)
  6. Ocean Animals Picture Cards
  7. Ocean Animals Beginning Letter Clipcards
  8. Fish Shape Playdough Mats
  9. Ocean Ten Frames
  10. I Spy Counting Cards and Mat
  11. Which One Doesn't Belong?
  12. Syllables Counting (Ocean Animals)
  13. Shadow/Silhouette Matching
  14. Sigh Words (28 words)
  15. Number Puzzles (1-5, 1-10)
  16. Feed the Shark: Number Representation Activity
  17. Size Sorting
  18. Patterning
  19. Cutting Strips
  20. Jellyfish Tentacles Counting
  21. Spin and Cover
  22. CVC Rhyming Work (20 words)
  23. What Number is Missing
  24. Scuba Divers Reading Time (hour and half time)
  25. Ten Frames Count and Match (1-20)
  26. Ocean Themed Uppercase and Lowercase Matching
  27. Shark Mouth Shape Matching
  28. Fine Motor Tracing/Cutting Lines Strips
  29. Build a Letter
  30. How Deep is the Ocean, Measuring Activity
Note: Each activity (in PDFs) are all contained in a ZIP FILE.
Also included are:
⭐️ READ ME Instructions on how to prepare and use the materials. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you read this file FIRST.

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