Rainforest Biome Food Web and Food Chains Learning Pack
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Rainforest Biome Food Web and Food Chains Learning Pack

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The most comprehensive learning pack for exploring the RAINFOREST FORESTS FOOD WEBS AND FOOD CHAINS. This learning packet contains hands-on learning activities in understanding the relationship between the producers, consumers, and top predators in the deciduous regions.


  • Food Web diagram in colored and black/white
  • 3 Food Chain diagrams as examples (to inspire your little ones to create their own)
  • Montessori-Inspired 5-part cards (control cards, label cards, picture cards, definition cards, and matching cards with unknown subjects)
  • Build Your Own activity cards are available in real images and a clipart version. It also comes with smaller and bigger cards.
  • 32 task cards with questions to help your kids analyze the diagrams for enrichment and review
  • Research/Report papers with Animal Fact Cards as reference


Montessori-Inspired Intro to (Rainforest Forest Biome) Food Web
Used to introduce the basic concept of the food web and provide vocabulary words for the members of the food web.
Use these to present the food web and food chain diagrams.
Build Your Own Activity
Understand the ecosystem's feeding relationship and energy flow with this building activity.  This hands-on activity of building food chains and food webs will help kids understand the interconnections between food web members.  Beautiful real images, picture cards or clipart, arrows, labels, and definitions are provided.
Task Cards
32 task cards provide questions based on the food web and chain diagrams.  It requires thinking to analyze the diagram,  
Fact Cards and Research/Report Papers
It contains cards that summarize each animal's role in the food web. For older kids, use the report/research papers to investigate the food web and fill up the information sheet independently.

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