Animal Study Safari Toobs Activity Learning BUNDLE
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Animal Study Safari Toobs Activity Learning BUNDLE

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This BUNDLE contains massive extension activities (activity packs) to go along with 16 Safari Toob educational sets. Each set (activity pack) contains 20 learning activities (so you get a total of 320 activities in total!) designed for Montessori and Montessori-inspired education, preschool, prek, kindergarten and gradeschoolers. Each set uses REAL IMAGES of animals mostly isolated in white background.

 This is a GROWING BUNDLE. I will start adding file/s starting next week but might take awhile to complete the entire, but totally worthit! PLUS! 

See the THUMBNAILS for the Safari Toobs that will be included in this BUNDLE and check the PREVIEW FOR OUR UPCOMING INSECT TOOB ACTIVITY PACK.

Price will start to increase once I start adding files. See the list of activity packs below and approximate publish date:

  • Insect Toob Activity Pack
  • Wild Toob Activity Pack
  • Ocean Toob Activity Pack 
  • Farm Toob Activity Pack
  • River Toob Activity Pack 
  • Nature Toob Activity Pack
  • Dinos Toob Activity Pack
  • Rainforest Toob Activity Pack 
  • Pets Toob Activity Pack
  • Endangered Land Toob Activity Pack(COMING SOON!) 
  • Desert Toob Activity Pack(COMING SOON!)
  • Endangered Marine Toob Activity Pack(COMING SOON!)



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