Dental Care Tooth Fairy Preschool Math and Literacy Center
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Dental Care Tooth Fairy Preschool Math and Literacy Center

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This Montessori-inspired DENTAL CARE / TOOTH, FAIRY THEMED CENTER pack is perfect for learning about dental care and hygiene while learning how to write, read and count! This pack contains more than 15 fun and engaging activities to enrich the child's vocabulary, fine motor skills and math skills.


This PACK is in ZIP FILE FORMAT. Be sure you have the tools for this file before purchasing.

What's included in the?

  • 18 dental care themed activities
  • Summary of the activities and how to's

 ⭐Dental Themed Activities/Skills

  1. Vocabulary Words (3 Part Cards) in cursive and print ✳️✳️✳️
  2. Chart and Posters
  3. Word cards
  4. Letter Formation (tracing letters)
  5. Uppercase and lowercase match
  6. Counting Activity
  7. Counting Clipcards
  8. Dough Mats
  9. Tracing Line Strips
  10. Colors
  11. Beginning Sounds
  12. Middle Sound Clipcard
  13. Good and Bad for Teeth Sorting
  14. How to Brush Teeth Sequencing
  15. Measuring Activity
  16. Cleaning Cavities
  17. Good or Bad for Teeth Foods Clipcards
  18. Floss Shapes Formation Mats

 ⭐⭐Materials needed for the activities:

  • Dry erase pens/markers
  • Playdough
  • Counters
  • Math manipulatives
  • Math snap cubes or Unifix
  • Magnetic letters or Movable Letters
  • Wooden pegs or clips
  • Mini baskets (optional)

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