Safari Toob Wild Animals Preschool Kindergarten Learning Pack
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Safari Toob Wild Animals Preschool Kindergarten Learning Pack

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This is a Montessori-inspired learning activity designed to go along with the Safari Toob Wild Animals educational toob toy. This is designed for preschoolers, prek, kindergarten and first grade students and perfect for Montessori environment.

You will love the high-quality real images that are used in this set and those engaging activities.

This set covers the following animals: gorilla, tiger, elephant, camel, bear, crocodile, panther, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, giraffe, zebra and lion.

 What you will get:

  1. Wild Toob Presentation Cards for vocabulary
  2. Beginning letter sound clipcards
  3. Counting syllables
  4. Where do I live? Learn about the habitats of each wild animals
  5. Skin cover matching activity
  6. Diet. Learn whether the animal is herbivore, carnivore or omnivore
  7. Animal classification BINGO game. Identify whether the animal is mammal, reptile, bird, fish or amphibian
  8. Tracing lines (wild-themed) for early writing and fine motor practice
  9. Cutting strips for fine motor practice
  10. Word and tracing strips (learn how to write each of the animals' name)
  11. Measuring cards (measure the animals using 2cm snapcubes)
  12. Montessori-inspired Wild Animal cards and counters (learn whether the count is odd or even)
  13. Ten/Twenty Frames counting activity
  14. Montessori-inspired Wild counting strips. Learn the progression of each number from 1-10, similar to Montessori Counting Rods
  15. Less, More and Equal (comparing numbers/quantity)
  16. Wild Animals Patterning
  17. Comparing Sizes: identify and sort small, medium and large sizes
  18. Wild Animals Toob Themed Dolch Sight Word Cards: PreK, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade
  19. Letter Tracing Cards

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